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Construction: DockGuard Cell Fenders have a cylindrical construction, designed specifically to allow for uniform compression and for applications subject to circular /axial motion. They are produced in a number of differing compounds – depending upon the characteristics needed to meet each requirement – but always using marine quality compounds which are highly resistant to the effects of ozone degradation, UV radiation and water borne oil pollution.

Energy/Technical: Cell Fenders have a normal energy to reaction capability. The normal compression is 52.5% and the maximum compression is 55%. They are available in a standard range of popular sizes from 300mm to 2500mm.

Key benefits: DockGuard's Cell Fenders have a well established reputation for durability and performance. They are highly effective in angular berthing applications, and their large footprint ensures good force distribution and excellent shear force resistance. They are also easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Applications: Cell fenders are ideally suited to applications that are subject to circular motion and extreme weather conditions or where heavy and angular berthing may be required. With a higher reaction than cones and leg fenders, cell fenders are generally used on quay structures rather than dolphin berths. They are suitable for a wide range of berthing applications - including oil and LNG facilities, offshore platforms, bulk terminals, container berths, RoRo and cruise terminals – and are therefore an obvious choice for multi-use berths.

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