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Construction: DockGuard Cylindrical Fenders are versatile and highly cost effective. Their simple hollow cylinder design can be produced in almost any length and diameter combination to meet specific performance and space requirements. They are produced in a choice of compounds (EPDM, SBR or SBR/Natural mix) with product performance and cost effectiveness maximised by selecting the optimised manufacturing process for the required fender diameter. Smaller diameter products are produced by extruding the chosen compound through a die; whilst the larger diameter fenders are produced by wrapping and curing under pressure to guarantee high quality homogeneous sections.

Energy/Technical: The normal compression of a DockGuard Hollow Cylindrical Fender is 80% of the internal bore dimension. The maximum compression is 95% of the internal bore. They can be produced to almost any length and diameter as required and are delivered as rubber sections ready for installation. A full range of optional fixing solutions are available to suit the specific application.

Key benefits: Their simplicity of construction and installation can make DockGuard's Cylindrical Fenders a highly economical option especially where a flexible fendering solution is required. They have an equal energy capacity equal to more expensive solutions; and installation and maintenance are both easy and low cost.

Applications: Fender diameters and lengths can be matched to almost any application,
including berths serving both large and small vessels such as general cargo and fishing vessels. Also these fenders can be attached to Tug vessels.


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