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Construction: As the name suggests, DockGuard's Hollow 'D' Fenders are manufactured to a simple ‘D’ profile using the latest extrusion technology. They are available in a choice of rubber compounds (EPDM , SBR and SBR/Natural mix); all of which are highly resistant to the effects of ozone degradation, UV radiation and water-borne oil pollution. They provide a highly economic solution for lower energy absorption applications.

Energy/Technical: The normal compression of DockGuard ‘D’ Fender is 90% of the internal ‘D’ dimension. The maximum compression is 100% of the internal ‘D’. They can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and lengths, and are delivered predrilled ready for installation. Steel flat bars, bolts and anchors are readily available as a fixing option.

Key benefits: The simplicity of construction and installation make DockGuard's ‘D’ Fender a highly economical solution. The quality of the compounds and the extrusion processes we use make them highly robust with better energy performance than cylindrical fenders and many more expensive solutions. Installation is also low cost with a choice of fixing options.

Applications: Fender heights and lengths can be matched to almost any application, including berths serving both large and small vessels such as general cargo and fishing ports.

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