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Construction: DockGuard PolyRub Buffers are manufactured using the latest molecular bonding technology to combine the energy absorbing qualities of a rubber fender with the low friction benefits of a polyethylene facing. They are produced with a choice of rubber compounds  with different material grades (EPDM, SBR and SBR/Natural mix) bonded to a Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) face which is UV stabilised to protect against bleaching and UV degradation.

Energy/Technical: The compression ratios for DockGuard PolyRub Buffers vary dependant upon the compounds selected. They are available in a range of sizes, a choice of two different profiles and a range of colours

Key benefits: The Polyrub’s© UHMW-PE face offers a low friction, hard wearing, durable contact facing; while the rubber elements are produced from marine quality compounds which are highly resistant to the effects of ozone degradation, UV radiation and water-borne oil pollution.
Independent testing of the molecular bonding of the Polyrub© system fender confirms the exceptional strength of the bond between the Polyethylene and rubber.
The fenders are also available in a wide range of bright colours which offer aesthetic benefits, added safety and/or the option to colour co-ordinate with port design schemes or corporate branding.

Applications: PolyRub© Buffers are ideal for most side fendering and guiding applications and any installation requiring a simple extruded fender with low shear forces.  Because if its low friction capabilities there will be less wear in the fenders.  DockGuard’s PolyRub is an ideal for mounting on quay structures where tidal conditions exist.  It allows vessels to rise and fall with tide levels without damaging the fender or the vessel. 

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