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Why DockGuard?

DockGuard is a global provider of marine fender technology and mooring solutions with more than 40 years experience serving the global marine industry. We have a 'can do, will do' approach and exceptional flexibility. This has earned us a reputation for delivering competitive products to the most demanding specifications - solutions that respond to the most challenging environments and tightest budgets.

Whilst this website features our key products and services, we are continually expanding our product offering to meet changing market needs. Our design, custom manufacturing and installation services also enable us to deliver wider ranging solutions than could be captured here. So if you have a mooring equipment requirement or seek a fender solution that is not featured here, contact DockGuard - whatever your mooring needs.

So why DockGuard?

One simple reason… Our refreshing approach!

At DockGuard, you’ll instantly notice our confident and enthusiastic attitude to a fender challenge. We work hard to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. Even though your requirements may be varied, complex and challenging, we think you’ll quickly recognise the importance we put on creative thinking and our ability to problem solve: And that excellence in design doesn’t have to come at an unaffordable price.

You can be confident in the many decades’ experience of our design team and our refined expertise but reassured by our modest approach. We know the importance of listening and respecting our customers’ input. You won’t find us telling you that there is only one way to solve the problem and we’re always willing to take a new perspective to find you the most elegant solution.

We’re pleased of our broadminded, enlightened attitude and understand the frustration that lack of choice and imaginative thinking can stifle a project. Whether it is a challenge of system performance or budget, our innovation in design or supply of fender systems only comes through persistence and tenacity.

Our catalogue is an excellent starting point; giving the wide range of products that could be relevant to your application. We offer all the main categories of fender forms as standard and are willing to adopt any new variety for the benefit of your finished fender system. 

We don’t believe you should accept the status-quo and we know that you’ll be invigorated and satisfied by our inspired and enthusiastic approach. So if you want to experience what it feels to have a fender solution from us, why not give our team a call to discuss your particular requirement.


DockGuard Ltd: New Inn Farm, Sand Lane, Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 4QR Telephone: + 44 (0)8452 778800